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It is heartbreaking enough for a person, a loved one or someone close to you to pass away. It is even more devastating to know that the death is a result of negligence. When faced with such a situation, it is just right to sue for wrongful death to achieve justice for the loved one. There will be lost wages, lost companionship and funeral expenses to think about and having to deal with all of that while grieving for a death not deserved is truly in an unfortunate time.

We at Everest Advisors Car Accident Lawyers NYC specialize in wrongful death cases and are professionals when it comes to winning these types of cases. We believe that no person should pass away due to the legal fault of another person or to be wrongly accused of such unfortunate incidents.

Medical Malpractice

Justice for Wrongful Death

There are different types of wrongful death statutes all across America, though it is important to know that these statutes were created to provide financial assistance for widows and orphans in such scenarios. These cases may stem from the driver of the car that led to the accident and death, or to the bartender that served alcohol that led to drunk driving. Whatever the case is, we at Everest Advisors Car Accident Lawyers NYC are equipped with the best lawyers in New York City that could handle your wrongful death case.

We at Everest Advisors Car Accident Lawyers NYC do not only solve cases in times of grief but also act as a stable rock for whoever is grieving. Our lawyers prioritize their social skills to be not only of service in the courtroom but also as a friend. Still, we are professional when it comes to handling such cases but we listen with our hearts and you’ll find that our lawyers are a delight to talk to.


Medical Malpractice

Suing for medical malpractice is an extensive and complicated case to be dealt with. These types of cases need to be handled by professionals who have shown a stellar track record over the years.

We at Everest Advisors Car Accident Lawyers NYC have handled numerous medical malpractice cases since inception and we pride ourselves on our stellar track record. By working closely with numerous medical professionals and health insurance companies, we are confident to say that we have that competitive edge that an individual who wants to win is looking for.

Due to the number of years of handling such cases and the level of expertise that our lawyers bring to the table, our lawyers are extensively knowledgeable in the medical field and the most common medical malpractice that goes on in the States. Our lawyers are relentless and aggressive when dealing with cases like this and you will surely feel secure when you hire us.
If you hire us, we will come up with a detailed plan on how to go about your case and we will discuss this with you so that you are aware of what’s happening. It is critical to keep an open communication in cases like this, but do not worry, we at Everest Advisors Car Accident Lawyers NYC will ensure that you will be guided in every step of the way.


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